About Me

Welcome to Dress to Thrive! My name is Chelsea Balderston and I'm so glad you're here. My blog's purpose is to ignite creativity and inspiration through personal style.

This purpose was fully realized in early 2017 when, upon completing nearly six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer, I wanted to use my personal style to express myself and, in a way, reinvent myself. You have to get creative and think a little outside the box when you don't have any hair!

I am happy to report that today, I am cancer-free, thriving, and rocking a killer lob. I believe that my story is one that should be shared. It’s the story that people want to hear; those going through something difficult, those having a tough day at work, or simply those who love fashion. It is a story of triumph in the face of adversity.

Personal style looks different for everyone because it’s just that: personal. I would love for others to see how fashion can be a source of joy and an outlet for creative expression. That’s what I long for this space to be about. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me through my social media accounts or via email at dresstothrive@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!