What I Packed for Seven Days in Vancouver

Image borrowed via Man & Camera

We are currently on vacation in Vancouver, Canada. I'm so excited because it's our first time visiting Canada before and other than a couple of trips to Mexico, I haven't done much international travel in my life.

I feel like Canada is the perfect country to ease into traveling abroad. English is the primary language, at least where we're staying, and it's not too far away. Baby steps.

When it comes to packing for trips, I'm a chronic overpacker. It's always difficult for me to balance being an efficient packer with bringing enough outfits to shoot while we're away. And while I have a few shoots planned this week, this trip is primarily about having fun and exploring.

But don't you worry, I will be posting some trip recaps, so expect some fun travel-related posts in the very near future!

Since my packing for this trip was efficient and space-saving (mostly!), I thought I'd give you a quick snapshot of what I'm bringing. If you have any upcoming trips, particularly to the Pacific Northwest, this list should be a great starting place for you.