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It's been one hell of a week. I honestly can't believe I've been able to pluck up the strength to take photos and write posts. I think it's mainly been about distracting myself with enough things, so that I'm not sitting alone with my sadness for too long.

I met with my therapist last night and she asked me if I was remembering to take care of myself. "Water, food, sleep. It gets real basic at this level," she told me, and truthfully, I haven't been taking the best care of myself. I've felt an intense need to constantly be busy, so I don't think I've taken any real time to rest and tend to my physical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

She said my homework was to set aside one or two nights every week where I carve out time and space to literally do nothing. She told me I needed to think of it as having plans, so that I wouldn't try to do other stuff. "I don't mean you need to just sit in it. Put on your coziest sweat pants and watch Netflix, but you need to completely veg out."

Normally, I'm all about that sweatpants and How I Met Your Mother life, but this week in particular, it has proven to be quite the challenge. I've used the new house as an excuse to be doing a million things at once. I've also fully convinced myself that I can DIY like half of our new furniture and various home projects. Not sure where or when I got the idea that I'm a contractor, but it's meant hours wandering through the lumber aisles at The Home Depot and mass quantities of hairpin table leg purchases.

But tonight, I'm going to do my best to slow down and take care of myself, listen to my body's needs, and try to honor them. My only plan is making a simple dinner and sitting on the couch with the TV on for the rest of the night. I even showered and washed my hair this morning in preparation for the evening's festivites.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and kind words. They mean so much to me and are helping me get through this very difficult time.

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