Food and Friends

This evening, my lovely friends invited me over to their place for, what I can honestly say was, the most delicious baked potato bar in which I’ve ever partaken. My sweet friend, Liz, went all out with the fixings. We’re talking the works; sour cream, chives, grilled onions, bacon, broccoli, a variety of different cheeses, and garlic chips (I didn’t even know such a heavenly thing existed!?)

Anyway, we filled our bellies to contentment and then moved on to the more scandalous portion of the evening…The Bachelor…DUN DUN DUNNN! I apologize. This being my very first season, the novelty has not quite worn off yet. I could go on and on about the ridiculousness of the entire concept of the show, but I’m pretty sure there are already blogs dedicated to that very topic, so I will spare you. Needless to say, it provides much entertainment, and I’m certainly looking forward to next week’s episode. More importantly though, it’s been a great opportunity for us to all come together, enjoy each others’ company, and, well, laugh hysterically at people who choose to make complete fools of themselves on national television. Don’t pretend you don’t do it too. ;)