Short Hair, Don't Care: Week 2

Hey, friends! Here are my hair photos two weeks out from chemo. Again, not much change between this week and last week; possibly a little bit darker. But I think the difference between Week 0 and this one is more noticeable. Little by little, guys.

I’ve been missing the process of doing my hair in the morning a lot lately (I know, crazy, right?!), so this morning after I showered (mind you, I washed my hair/scalp/whatever you want to call it with shampoo the entire time I was on chemo, just to feel a little normal), I decided to blow dry it. You know...because there’s so much of it and it just takes forever to dry. But in all seriousness, it was really nice getting to do a normal part of my self-care routine. It took all of thirty seconds, but it was very therapeutic. I think I’ll continue to blow dry it until there is actually hair to dry. I think it’s healthy and natural to do small things that bring us joy, even if they were things we once took for granted.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a great weekend!