Confidence is Key

‘Ello, duckies! (Evidently, I’m feeling very English today.) I thought about wishing you all a Happy Hump Day’s Eve, but then I realized how absolutely depressing that sounds, so I didn’t. It is, however, Tax Day, so I suppose there’s always a reason to celebrate…

For the second morning in a row, I thought for more than half a second about my clothing and hair choices for the day, and I’m telling you guys, it’s groundbreaking. There is a serious positive correlation between the state of my mood and the state of my physical appearance. Now, obviously I do my best to place a much higher premium on inner beauty than outer beauty, but there’s something to be said about being put-together and confident for the day ahead. And, as I’m sure  many of you would agree, when I feel more confident, I perform better at work and tend to stress out much less. Always a good thing. Especially for a chronic worrier, like myself.

What helps give you confidence each day? Hope you all have a wonderful evening and thank you so much for reading!