Cure for the Mondays

Happy Monday, friends! I know, oxymoron, right? Wrong! Let’s make today and this week great! It’ll be a team effort.

And you know, something that makes me feel great is when I feel put together for the day. Even if that just means not throwing my hair up into a wet bun and actually running a brush through it. Makes all the difference in the world. So, this morning, I thought, to combat the Mondays, I would put a little bit more effort into my look than a typical Monday morning. And it’s working already! So well, in fact, that I was inspired to take some outfit photos while rushing out the door. Plus, since I haven’t been looking at fashion blogs, I’ll admit, I’ve been having some withdrawals. So, by doing this, it’s sort of like getting to indulge in my guilty pleasure…except instead of designer, I give you…Target! Who says fashionable can’t be sensible, right?

What helps you get through the dreaded first day of the week? Thanks for reading!

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