Girl's Night In

Real talk, guys. I am giddy with excitement at the thought of my evening plans! I wish I could tell you it’s because I’m doing something super awesome, going somewhere really fun, trying out a hip new restaurant, etc, but sadly (read: happily), it’s actually  because I have absolutely NOTHING to do! Oh, and also, my dear husband will be out for the evening.

OK, now don’t write me off as a horrible person just yet. I love love LOVE David with my whole heart, but sometimes, I just need some serious girl time…singular girl…just me…alone…by myself.  Sigh Anyone else think that sounds glorious every now and then? If not, perhaps I am a horrible person. Don’t feel obligated to comment on that.

Anyway, my plans to do nothing will actually more accurately consist of me trying out this  banana bread recipe (which I consider to be made of natural ingredients and therefore perfectly acceptable for me to eat this month…) and read. So, technically, that’s not nothing.

The thing is, I’ve always preferred staying at home to going places. Call me boring (just not to my face, please). Except around the time that I hit my 20s, I felt this overwhelming pressure to go out on weekends and evenings and do things. A pressure put on by no one but myself. I think I thought that doing nothing was a waste of time, so I constantly felt the need to fill every moment of every day. But then there was that whole ‘me not being superhuman’ thing and I was just exhausted.

Now, the closer I creep toward 30 (still have a little way to go), the less I care about constantly being busy and the more I value my down time. (This must be the wisdom that comes with age that they were talking about.) These days, I find I’m perfectly content spending my weekends reading books, baking, and watching movies.

Of course, there should always be a healthy balance. I’m certainly not advocating becoming a hermit (though the thought may have crossed my mind at one point). But life is meant to me spent doing the things we enjoy. And some of us enjoy relaxation. So with that thought, I’m going to go put my big, stretchy pants on and read my book.