Happy Pi Day

You guys, it’s Pi Day! Only one of the greatest American holidays of the year! Pi Day is great for math-loving nerds or people, like me, who simply love to eat pie. If you’re really lucky, you get people like my friend, Danielle , who love both math and pie equally. I could personally do without the math part…but pie!

In order to properly honor this most sacred of holidays, David and I have an annual Pi Day tradition. Surprisingly, it does not involve eating pie. Though I fully support the consumption of pie ANY day of the year.

The tradition actually started last year with a last-minute a search for good pie. We had just gotten off of work and our options were somewhat limited, but we knew we couldn’t let the day come to a close without eating at least a slice. We began our quest at Coco’s (known for their abundance of pie and elderly people), but to no avail. We then ventured to Bristol Farms, but alas, no good pie to be had. Our PIE-lgrimmage then brought us to Vons, but we ultimately left empty-bellied and defeated. When finally, we were struck with an idea!

It went a little something like this: Pie…pizza pie…pizza…pizza cookie…pizookie! Because if you can’t have pie on Pi Day, a giant, still-warm chocolate chip cookie, topped with vanilla ice cream is not a bad alternative. And thus, a tradition was born! And a fine one, if I do say so myself.

Some eat pie…some do math equations…and still others…eat BJ’s Restaurant’s trademark dessert. How do you celebrate Pi Day?