LBD: Good To Go

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Mine consisted of reading a guilty pleasure…cough a Nicholas Sparks book cough…dinner and great conversation with friends and ended with watching The Bachelorette with even more friends. (Man, I have a lot of guilty pleasures.) It was the perfect balance of socializing and Chelsea time, and left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on this new week.

However, I will admit, so far this week, the weather has been really confused. Here we are, in the middle of July, and we’re finally experiencing a little bit of that May Grey/June Gloom for which San Diego is so well known. I tried to outsmart the weather with my clothing choices this morning, but I’m pretty sure the weather still won. Nevertheless, a black dress always helps make me feel stylish and confident, so I guess in a way, I won too.

Hope you have a wonderful evening and thank you so much for reading!