Wednesday Nights

It’s only Wednesday…after a three-day weekend, mind you, (so really, it’s Tuesday) and I already feel like if I can make it through the rest of this week, I deserve some ice cream or  chocolate cake or something. However, with it still being February, plus that whole lactose intolerance thing, my indulgences will have to wait.

Although, I will admit, I’m quite excited about my Wednesday evening plans. I’m hosting our weekly Bachelor Night. (I can say that unashamedly because I don’t think any of us actually watches the show in hopes of witnessing pure, unadulterated love…let’s be honest now.) I don’t usually host, for the simple fact that my apartment is the furthest from everyone else, but tonight, the gals are coming to me!

I love having friends over at my place for several reasons. 1. It forces me to clean, so I end up with a pretty looking apartment for a solid few days. 2. I geek out over entertaining and have a tendency to go a little over-the-top with things. (There were definitely tiaras for everyone at my princess pajama party to celebrate my 25th birthday. Oh, I’m sorry, did you think I was going to say 5th birthday?) 3. I relish any excuse to show off my cat to people. (Though most everyone I know tells me before they meet him that they aren’t “cat people.” I’m unfamiliar with this concept.) 4. When the night is over, everyone else has to get into their cars and drive home, I just have to walk 20 feet to the left and crawl into bed.

And the best part about tonight is that my lovely friends, Danielle and Liz are making dinner and bringing it over to my place. I don’t even have to cook! I feel like I’m cheating on this whole hosting thing somehow. But before you write me off as completely useless, I will be making dark chocolate covered strawberries for dessert…so…there’s that.

I love that Wednesday night dinners and horrible reality show-watching have become a weekly tradition for us. It’s cliche, but it really is such a great way to unwind and catch up with friends. And I’ve got to say, I have some great friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, whether you’re spending time with friends, eating dinner with family, or even just flipping through the channels as your cat kneads bread on your stomach. Thanks for reading!