We've Made It

Happy Friday, everyone! Happy Friday, indeed. I really like my job, honestly, but sometimes, when Friday rolls around, I want to cry tears of joy. Today is one of those days. The best part: this morning my co-worker asked me what I was doing this weekend and after nerdily (it’s a shame that’s not a real word) looking at my appointment book, I responded, “Nothing!” OK, truthfully, I responded with the really lame alliteration that I actually have written down in my appointment book: “run, read, rest, relax, rejuvenate, refresh, recover, reflect….eye check-up.” Yes, I actually read it off to her. No, I don’t know why people don’t invite me to parties. Kidding!…Sort of…

The less best part: I fear I am rapidly approaching a time of year when I will no longer be able to spend my weekends on the couch, letting my butt get numb from loss of blood flow. Inevitably, this was bound to happen. I think Spring just likes to be super busy every year to give me a false sense of popularity and inclusion. You don’t fool me, Spring.

Within the next couple of weeks, my schedule is about to get jam-packed! Well, for me, that is…We’re talking showers, parties, retreats, day events, weddings (I’m looking at you, Danielle ;) ). So, right now I’m soaking up the last few weekends of calm before the storm. Don’t get me wrong, these are all wonderful things that I’m really looking forward to. It’s just, for a homebody like me, who’s literally blinded by the sun every Monday morning from lack of exposure during the weekend, that’s a lot of social activity!

Anyway, I hope you all get to enjoy the eight ‘R’s and an eye check-up this weekend too! Thanks for reading!