Fertility Almost Done and All Doctors Seen

It has been a week since we last wrote and some major milestones have been passed. The biggest result was that she got a biopsy on the area on her right breast which came back negative!!

This was very good news and extremely relieving. She has been pretty sore from it, but super glad it came back negative. So, as we stand now, we know about the two lumps and a lymph node in her left breast. She still has to be genetically tested to make sure she doesn't have the breast cancer gene, but it is looking good that she will only need a single mastectomy.

We don't think she has the gene because her family has no history, but she still needs to be tested to make sure. If she has the gene, she will most likely need the double mastectomy.

Tonight Chelsea got the shot to start the ovulation process for egg collection Sunday morning. We are excited to have that chunk of the process over and have one thing completely accomplished and out of the way.

We were very blessed to have our good friends/neighbors do all the shots for her. We were nervous to do them ourselves, but they made time for us every night for the last week and a half which was incredible.

One fun thing, as seen in the picture, is that Chelsea is going to be able to be in her dance show coming up! (they are using our desk in the dance and she is getting some papers set up) Her instructor has a part that is a little less impact since she will be in the midst of chemo and we were able to schedule the chemo to give her 2 weeks after the session to feel ready. Her show is on June 26th, and I am very excited (and so is she obv) for her to be able to be a part of it.

We finished seeing all of our main doctors with seeing the radiation oncologist on Wednesday and then the reconstructive surgeon on Friday.

Radiation is going to be 6.5 weeks of going in every weekday for radiation 😫. It was another round of a ton of information, which was a pretty overwhelming, but we tried to kinda just put it on the backburner since that isn't for at least 7 months.

It's just a little hard to rehash everything over and over with every doctor you see. Hard to bring it all the way back from the beginning and replay it. Also, every doctor is different, so the radiation oncologist said things like, "So they have to do a mastectomy because the cancer is too big." This isn't what the surgeon told us, they told us it was because there are two spots. So, we try to compartmentalize what each doctor says to just their speciality, but hard to not be like, "Does my chart say it is a huge lump??" and get pulled back into the fear of it all.

Other than that night, things have been pretty ok. Just kinda trucking through one day at a time, trying to keep positive.

Today we saw the reconstructive surgeon. He went into all the details of how he will be there when the mastectomy to get a temporary implant in, and then 6-12 months later, after all the radiation and everything is fully done, they will come back and put a permanent implant in.

It was kind of a nice appointment because the office was very pretty and didn't feel like a doctor's office, and it was nice to talk about things not cancer related and post cure. Sure, it's tough to have to go through and talk about the mastectomy, but nice to talk about the better stuff after she will be completely healed. No idea if that makes sense or not, but we felt positive.

Like I said before, Chelsea is having her egg retrieval on Sunday, and is then having oral surgery on Wednesday (yes, this has been rescheduled again). Hopefully after the two surgeries coming up, we can have a little break before she starts chemo on the 19th.

At this point, we have seen every doctor except the integrative medicine doctor (who we wont see for a few more weeks), but it is very nice to have all the consultations out of the way. Hopefully from here on out, it can be the start of getting better and not just the information and planning.

Tomorrow is also our 5th wedding anniversary 😊. We have a pretty fun day planned, so we are excited.

Thank you again for being alongside us in this. It means the absolute world to us. Thank you for all you have done.

Prayer Requests

  • Complete healing
  • Successful egg retrieval and oral surgery
  • Not too much pain or soreness after each surgery
  • Continued positivity and strength throughout the next many months
  • Not too much nausea or anything like that with the chemo

Upcoming Schedule

  • Egg retrieval - 8am Sunday
  • Oral surgery - 7:50am Wednesday