Green-Eyed Monster

Hey, guys! Happy Tuesday! This morning, my co-worker sent me this really interesting article about psychological tricks and how we’re able to improve social encounters through very slight, but significant adjustments in attitude and behavior. One of my favorites was the idea that if you act really happy and excited to see someone, they will eventually react the same toward you. Another favorite said that the key to confidence is walking into a room and assuming everyone already likes you.  Side note: I have a work meeting this afternoon that I’m totally going to try that one on. We’ll see how that goes! What’s crazy is that just this morning, I had journaled asking God to help me act happy and friendly toward others, so that I would eventually feel happy and friendly toward them. Fake-it-’til-you-make-it sort of thing. So cool how God reveals himself to you in unexpected ways!

Anyway, I’ve digressed from my intended post topic, since I had originally planned to tell you about the awesome green smoothie I made this morning, but I think this was probably a good tangent.

I’ll tell you about my green smoothie now. Guys, I made an awesome green smoothie this morning! Not as a meal replacement, just as a beverage to compliment my breakfast. I’m pretty sure two cups of coffee and two pieces of avocado toast cancel out a green smoothie, but boy, was it tasty! I can’t say whether or not I feel more energized or healthy from it because I’m still reeling from all the caffeine, but let’s just assume that it helped. I’ve included the recipe below, but honestly, it mostly just entailed me throwing random ingredients into a blender.

Green Smoothie

-3 handfuls of spinach

-6 strawberries

-half of a banana

-5 slices of frozen peaches

-a spoonful of Greek yogurt

-a splash of almond milk to help it all blend together


Toss all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!