Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend; for some of you, maybe even a three-day weekend! I know it’s a little late, but I thought I’d share with you some of my goals for 2015, as

Attitude of Gratitude

OK, guys, after a quick scroll through my most recent posts, I’ve come to the realization that a.) I’m really whiny and b.) the majority of my content is me complaining about one thing or another. Sorry ’bout that! Time to put on my positive attitude pants (I’


Happy Wednesday! For anyone who’s been wondering (all two of you), I’ve decided to continue my May resolution of journaling every day. I actually didn’t even realize on Monday morning that May was over and I technically didn’t need to do it anymore. Once I figured

Green-Eyed Monster

Hey, guys! Happy Tuesday! This morning, my co-worker sent me this really interesting article about psychological tricks and how we’re able to improve social encounters through very slight, but significant adjustments in attitude and behavior. One of my favorites was the idea that if you act really happy and

May Thoughts...

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry for the radio silence. Sometimes I like to be lazy. But now I’m back, so don’t worry; everything’s going to be OK. As promised, I’ve thought and prayed about a resolution for May and God has put it on my heart to