Home Office Dreaming

You guys, I’m so excited because today David and I decided that we are going to get a desk and create a sort of mini home office space in our apartment. And when I say, “mini,” I really do mean mini. We hardly have any space as it is, but we both agree we could really benefit from a designated work space. I would personally love to have a place to sit down and work on the blog, other than sprawling out on the bed or dining table.

So, now comes the fun part. We’re going to have to get really creative in our use of space. And with everything else in life, Raisins is a huge consideration for everything we do. Unfortunately, we’re probably going to end up having to move his cat jungle gym from it’s current spot next to the window into the bedroom. We’re both really conflicted about this because he finds so much kitty pleasure sitting on his jungle gym watching birds outside the window. But unfortunately, there might not be any other way to make our pseudo-office dreams a reality. I think if we sit him down, give him some catnip and explain everything to him, he’ll be understanding (Sorry, guys. I treat my cat like a person (…I’m not really sorry…)).

Anyway, we’re getting started on this project  ASAP, so if you have any space-saving ideas or just some fun suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!