Madewell from Head to Toe

Madewell striped top

Madewell top & skirt

Madewell top & skirt

Top: Madewell; Skirt: Madewell; Bandana: Madewell; Sandals: Born (no longer available; similar); Sunglasses:
Ray-Ban; Bag: Gucci

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Alright, so technically, not from head to toe, but the majority of this outfit is from Madewell, so close enough, right?

Girl & paleta

Eating a paleta

Madewell top & skirt

Madewell striped top

Is anyone else really happy about the fact that denim mini skirts are back in style? It's giving me all the middle school feels. I love the two-toned denim of this one. It adds a little something extra to elevate an otherwise very simple look.

I'm also having a major moment with all of Madewell's bandanas. Every time I go in, the girls working there have them tied in some cute new way, and it's totally inspiring me to try methods of tying mine.

Peace sign on the beach at sunset

As you can see, I have branched out too much from the standard "around the neck" look, but the other day, I did wear one as a <a href"" target="_blank">headband, so I'd say that's thinking outside the box a tiny bit.

I hope you're having a great day and as always, thanks so much for stopping by.

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