Raisins' Corner | 02

Today, my little kitty man turned three-years-old! I’m amazed that we’ve had him for nearly three years! I can still remember the day we brought him home for the first time. He was so tiny, that he couldn’t quite step into his litter box on his own, so for the first few weeks, we kept a copy of Anna Karenina at the foot of the door for him to use as a step stool. And now he’s so big, it’s difficult for him to turn around once he’s inside it!

Raisins has brought so much joy to our lives over the past almost-three years. He’s shared in all of the ups and downs that come with the first few years of marriage. Some may look at our relationship with our cat and call it “borderline unhealthy.” To those people, I say… Stop talking about my son like that! He’s very sensitive!

Tonight we celebrated with yummy cheesy tuna cupcakes, garnished with jumbo shrimp. Raisins also got more gifts than I’d care to admit, but he’s a special boy, so he deserved them. We plan to spend the rest of the evening having family time.

OK…fine…we’re those people…

Oh well! Happy birthday, Raisins Cheeseburger Balderston!