Hello, darlings! Long time no post, huh? I thought I would be really good at this whole blogging business, and then I realized that life sometimes gets in the way of things. My sincerest of apologies. I will try to be better. Especially since I know you are all just dying to know how the month of March and my resolution to pray for someone every day has gone! I know you eagerly await my monthly updates…(Or so I like to pretend.)

You will be happy to know that I did not utterly fail at my March resolution. In fact, I started off quite strong. Unfortunately, as is the case with many things in life, like diets and feeding my cat, I started to falter as time went on. This can be attributed largely to my lack of organization. The first few weeks, I wrote down the person of the day in my planner and looked at it the night before, which made it really easy to remember who I was supposed to pray for. And then…I got lazy. And I would wake up in the morning and have a solid thirty minutes with Jesus, during which I could have been praying for someone…but I didn’t know whose day it was…and heaven’s knows I couldn’t turn my computer on a open up the Google doc where I logged this information. So, on many days, I wouldn’t check until I got to work (or at all…let’s be honest) and at that point, I didn’t always devote much time to praying for that person. But I’m remembering to give myself grace, since this was a challenging resolution for me and since I’m not Jesus.

And I definitely plan to continue this resolution. Even if it’s less structured and I don’t specifically designate a person to each day, I think it’s important that I am constantly in prayer for others, interceding on their behalves, as we are called to do.

But tomorrow, we begin a new month. Can you believe it’s already April? What the what?! And after praying about it and talking with David about it, for this next month, we are both going to be focusing on honoring God with our finances, by being good stewards of the gifts He’s entrusted us with. We’re still figuring out what exactly this is going to look like (Procrastinators!), but we agree that since we share finances, it’s something that we are going to do together.

We do know that it will include faithfully giving to the church and actually spending below our budget. I personally am going to give up purchasing any clothing items this month. I realize that this might not sound difficult, and I by no means have a spending problem, but of course the second I finish writing this, my one decent bra will probably rip itself in half…

We’ve also set some personal saving goals that are a bit of a reach, but we believe that God is faithful and that we’ll be able to achieve them.

I’ll update the list as we talk about it more. And who knows? Maybe next month’s resolution will be to map out a resolution in a more timely manner!

Thank you for holding me accountable and for reading!