Happy Wednesday! For anyone who’s been wondering (all two of you), I’ve decided to continue my May resolution of journaling every day. I actually didn’t even realize on Monday morning that May was over and I technically didn’t need to do it anymore. Once I figured out what month it was (the weekend disorients my sense of time), I considered what else I might work on for June and ultimately decided that I wanted to continue writing out my thoughts and prayers each day to see what else God reveals to me. Even just in the month that I’ve been doing it, I feel like I’ve seen real spiritual growth. Particularly, in the tone and content of my prayers. For instance, at the beginning of May, most of my prayers tended to be a long list of requests to God, with a P.S. I love you at the end. Whereas, toward the end of May, I started noticing a greater sense of gratitude. Which is actually ironic when you consider the fact that May started off fairly well for me and ended up going downhill as the days progressed. Funny how spending time with God helps to reveal how truly blessed we are, even in the midst of trials.

The point is, we’ve got a good thing going here, God and I, so let’s not mess with it. As I always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…I’m just kidding. That’s actually probably the first time I’ve ever said that… (Note to self: insert more clever idioms into everyday speech.)

Tell me how God has been moving in your life! Thanks for reading!